The world was once a vibrant place, full of life, laughter, & love. There were three prominant kingdomes in the world. The kingdom of Acadia was a leader in trade, crafting, & artisan works. The Kingdome of Nis was a nation of people that served a proud and noble warrior tradition, while the 3rd – Elmenenster, was a magical kingdom where the best and brightest went to study the magical arts. Although the three nations had at one time warred with one another, they eventually forged a lasting piece that saw trade, education, & technology increase between them.

That was, until the capital city of Elmenester – Alabast – seemingly vanished from existence. Some blamed it on a magic experiment gone wrong, but the survivors, in their bitterness of not knowing what had truly happened, began to blame the other two nations for their troubles. Without the capital however, the once proud nation soon fell into disarray. People began to lose contact with larger cities & towns, until the nation itself fell into a dark shroud where no one seemed to live. Those people that made it out said it was as if a grate malaise fell upon the populuse, one that systematically swollowed towns and cities alike.

Fear & mistrust settled into the remaining two nations, for even though neither had any evidence that the other was behind it, paranoia ate at them. The two nations slowly began escalating their armies, worried about a strike from the other. They came close to war, and then suddenly and without warning – their capital cities were gone. The borders between the nations immediately erupted into chaos, but then word began to arrive of cities & towns sharing the same fate. Soldiers abandoned their posts in order to flee to their homes, in the hopes that loved ones could be found. They found nothing, literally. Their villages, towns, cities were just gone – with the only signs of ever having been there were worn paths.

People tried to band together, to start over – but their way of life was shattered. Monster attacks increased tenfold as strange beasts – the likes of which hadn’t been seen in a long time, began to crawl forth from the ground to pray once again on the innocent. People tried to turn to hero’s, but they were now far and few between – most having vanished with the rest of the world. Having no other recourse left, the remaining people prayed to the Gods to send someone to help them, to found out what happened.

Even the powers of the gods were waning, but they did what they could. Using the rest of their power, they created new hero’s to fight in their name, tasked to discover what had happened to the world and hopefully to reverse it and put it back the way it was. When these new chosen woke up, they found themselves with a gargantuan task but little else. Barely clothed, they knew naught of the world around them, only that they had to restore it.


The players, rather than create characters before hand, go through a series of choices that form the characters they’ll play, as the ‘gods’ make them into hero’s to save the world. Once they are ready, the characters are sent to the world where they find that there is no civilization, no humans, elves, dwarves or anthing that would be familiar – just a vast wilderness with a scattering of old ruins. The task given to them by the gods seems monumental – to rebuild the world and stop whoever is trying to destroy it. They players soon learn how this world works, and how they’re characters can go about re-making the world. In this though, they get a choice – do they re-make the world in the image of the gods, or do they set themselves up to be gods and make it in their own image?

The Shroud of Destruction